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What is the Wildenstein dynasty. Established in the 1870s it has grown more influential over the ensuing three generations by virtue of erudition, stealth, accumulation of wealth and influence, and above all, the production of catalogues. “Being the publishers of such books confers enormous power – [and among other things] the ability to authenticate paintings…as a publisher of catalogue raisonnés, the Wildensteins virtually control the scholarship on many artists from Boucher to Monet.”[i]  

Art World’s Dirty Little Secret

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Ultimately, the magic of Connoisseurship is the ability to see the 'hand of the artist' in that which has not been historically recognized as a work by the artist in question.

"Expert" today vaguely implies a certain knowledge in a particular field, but often, it is largely a political designation. The question is: how does one divine the true cognoscenti from the false prophets. This point would be somewhat mute if it were not that the 'expert' these days is given the decision making authority.


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